Wescott Analtyics LLC

Wescott Analytics LLC

Range of Services

Whether engaged as consultants or as testifying expert witnesses, Wescott Analytics LLC offers a range of services to lawyers representing clients in securities fraud and other complex litigation.

General Litigation

Our versatile group of professionals have extensive experience in a wide range of civil and criminal matters, including:

  • Taxation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Forensic and Investigative Accounting
  • Marital Dissolution
  • Business Valuation
  • Antitrust/Business Combinations
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Piercing Corporate Veil/Alter Ego
  • Breach of Contract

The depth and range of our experience enables the members of the Wescott Analytics LLC network to effectively identify and meet the distinct needs of each engagement.

Securities Litigation

By combining the complementary skills and strengths of certified public accountants, lawyers, certified fraud examiners, financial consultants and planners, and economists, we efficiently estimate damages and assess opposing damage calculations in security fraud cases.

Our services in connection with securities litigation often include:

Case Strategy Development - During the early stages of a case and throughout the proceedings, our practitioners can be instrumental in determining the leading business, financial and economic issues, thus helping to design the tailored legal strategy for the case.

Damage Assessment and Measurement - To assist counsel and the client with the legal and business plan of action, we employ plaintiff-style damage methodology to estimate the extent of potential damages.

Defendant-Style Damage Calculation Methodologies - Using our tested proprietary methodologies, we have greatly reduced the amount of damages alleged by plaintiffs. Our results have been successfully used in settlement negotiations and at trial.

Analysis of Opposing Expert Analyses and Reports - With our knowledge of both plaintiff-style and defendant-style methodologies, we are often called upon to examine and critique opposing expert damage reports to identify weaknesses or flaws in computations, theories and methodologies.

Trial Preparation - We assist trial counsel in developing case strategy, cross-examination preparation for opposing experts, and preparing pleadings and other documents, as well as demonstrative exhibits.

Expert Witness Reports and Testimony - We provide expert reports and deposition and trial testimony of a highly technical nature in an understandable way and assist counsel in taking the testimony of other expert and fact witnesses.

Throughout our engagement, we are also available to assist counsel in the preparation of Daubert motions, discovery, and pre-trial settlement conferences and negotiations.