Wescott Analtyics LLC

Wescott Analytics LLC

What Distinguishes Our Services

Technical Proficiency and Quality Control

When you engage us, our entire team, network and combined resources are deployed to perform the engagement. Drawing upon years of experience in accounting, finance, economics, and academic research, we provide damage calculations and related analyses and services of the highest quality. With our interdisciplinary training and experience and the efficient interaction between our certified public accountants and economists, we stand ready to advance the client's cause.

Regular Communication and Personalized Attention

We strive for meaningful and consistent communication with our clients. Personal and regular contact is critical to the success of our engagements. We believe that personalized service and a customized approach to each engagement is the key to meeting our client's needs.

Innovative Ideas and Solutions

We offer innovative ideas and solutions at each and every level of our engagement. From the development of case strategy through the damage calculations to the presentation of our findings, we solve problems through dedication, originality and hard work.


Our technology resources include a comprehensive MIS Group. Enabling technologies are extensively used to collect data, analyze large data sets, construct sophisticated damage models, and convert complex damage analyses into a clear, concise and easily understandable format for presentation in reports and exhibits.

Background in Various Industries

We have significant experience in a wide range of industries and markets within complementary disciplines which enhances our capabilities and our ability to develop damage methodologies and evaluate damage scenarios in securities fraud and other complex litigation. Moreover, our multi-discipline experience enables us to effectively assist counsel in all aspects of the engagement from strategy development to settlement negotiations or trial.

Competitive Fees

Our fees are competitive and structured to meet our clients' needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Convenient Locations

Our offices are located in Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, California, Massachusetts, Florida, Delaware, New Jersey, Texas, Maine, Georgia and Washington, D.C. We have the ability to serve clients throughout the United States and internationally.


Maintaining our clients' trust and confidence is one of our highest priorities. Our clients' electronic and paper records as well as other confidential material are carefully secured and are only accessible to members of the Wescott Analytics LLC team.